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Spot Pest Problems in a New Home

Moving into a new home can be both an exciting and stressful thing to deal with. With all of the sold house planning, packing and transporting of items from one home to another, it can be easy to overlook the little details. There are many things to look for when searching for a new home, but one thing to always keep an eye out for is a pest problem. So, what are we looking for? Team Pest USA is here to help! We have pulled together a list of things to check for to find out if your new home has any unwanted tenants.

  • Chewed or Frayed Wires – This is a big one. The last pest problem anyone wants to have in a new home is a rodents issue. Chewed wires can be a sign of just that, so keep your eyes peeled for them.
  • Droppings – This is another sign that you might have some critter looming. Check in and behind places that you wouldn’t usually see. The droppings won’t usually be out in the open.
  • Termite Signs – This one is another big thing to look out for. Termites can destroy a home, so ensuring your new home is termite-free can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Be sure to look for discarded wings, mud tubes and wood damage. All of these could be signs that the house has a termite problem.
  • Dead Bugs – When giving the house a walk through, be sure to check around doors and windows for any dead bugs. A large accumulation could be a sign that the house needs to be treated by a pest control company.


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The 2015 Blog Post Roundup!

These years just keep going by faster and faster. 2015 is already drawing to a close and we will welcome new years fireworks 2016 shortly! New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection on the last year and thoughts and resolutions for the next. So, in the spirit of the day, we would like to take the oportunity in this week’s blog post to look back at 3 of our best blog posts for the year! Check them out just in case you missed them, and Happy New Year from the Team Pest USA family!

  • Signs You Have a Rodent Problem – It happens to most of us. Every now and then we have to deal with the inevitability that our homes will incur a rodent problem. The trick is knowing and being able to spot the signs early. Learn how in this post!
  • When you Should Call the Pest Control Professionals – In a world where information on almost anything is at our fingertips, a do-it-yourself mentality is hard to fight. But even with a wealth of information waiting for us to discover, there are times when experience and professionalism is needed. Do you know when it’s time?
  • Pest Prevention After a Heavy Rain – 2015 has brought it’s fair share of crazy weather. Christmas day felt like a spring morning, but that is reletively harmless to anything other than our holiday cheer. The really crazy thing we’ve seen this year is the amount of rainfall we’ve experienced. With heavy rain, comes an influx of pest issues. Learn how to protect your home after a heavy rain!
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Holiday Pest Control Tips

It happens every year. The holidays have snuck up on us again! Friends and family are coming from all christmas ornamentsover to join one another for the festivities. With so many different things going on it can be difficult to pay attention to little things like keeping your home pest free for the holidays. Here, at Team Pest USA in Atlanta, GA, we know the struggles and time constraints the holidays present. So, we have compiled a list of pest control tips to keep in your arsenal this season!

  • Keep Sweets Stored Properly – ‘Tis the season for many sweets. With all of the freshly baked cookies and pies around, you can be sure that ants are looming around the corner. Be sure to cover and store sugary foods properly to avoid an infestation.
  • Bug-Free Christmas Tree – Bugs and insects love to hitch rides into our homes by means of the Christmas trees we put in our living rooms. Keep your tree pest-free by, first, inspecting it before you bring it inside, and then shake it vigorously to dislodge any that might be hiding.
  • Door Sweeps – If you have a house full of people, doors are going to opening and closing many times throughout the day. The last thing you need is an extra means of entry for pests. Installing door sweeps can help close off those gaps that might be at the bottom of our doors.
  • Inspect Fire Wood – Another thing to inspect for bringing it inside is fire wood. It can be such a pleasant scene to see a fire going with decorations surrounding it. But pests love to hang out in wood piles, so it is important to give the pieces you’re bringing in a once over.


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Pest Preventions After Heavy Rain

The sun is finally back out! As many of your are aware, we have seen around the clock cloudiness and heavy rain for the pas week or so, and it made life very cold and very wet for a while. But the sun is shinning again… For now. Heavy rain, like we experienced this past week, is not only cause to pull out the rain boots and umbrellas, but is also cause to take extra precautionrain drops s in regards to pests. We aren’t the only ones who don’t enjoy getting soaked by the rain; bugs and insects are also going to start seeking shelter and a great place for that is your home! Requests for pest control always increase during the rainy seasons so being prepared is important. Team Pest USA, located around Atlanta, GA, has these tips to keep pests out of your home during the rainy seasons.

Pest Preventions After Heavy Rain

  • Check for Leaky Spots – A leaky roof is an all to common occurrence during long periods of heavy rain. Check your home for leaks and wet spots because this can attract the attention of termites.
  • Spray Around the Openings – Your windows and doorways are a very enticing entrance for pest to sneak into your home for an extended stay. During times of heavy rain, spray around these entrances to make them less appealing.
  • Call the Professionals! – Sometimes all the precautions in the world can be taken, but in the end the pests find their way in your home. Contact us if you have a bug or insect problem after the recent heavy rains. We’ll have you pest free in no time!
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Don’t Let Spooky Pests Haunt Your Home!

bats in the moon

Halloween is just around the corner and the signs of the spooky season are beginning to pop up
everywhere. From the Jack-o’-Lanterns on doorsteps to images of ghosts, ghouls and goblins making appearances around every bend. Halloween gives everyone the opportunity to dress up as their favorite creepy characters, but many of these celebrated Halloween characters are obviously (hopefully) works of fiction. There are many creepy-crawlies that actually do exist in the real world, however. Some people would rather meet Dracula in a dark alleyway than some of these pests.
Team Pest USA, located around Atlanta, GA, has compiled a list of the top 3 creepy pests and tips on how to ward them off!

  • Bats – The creepy pests to some are winged terrors. Bats have been appearing in horror tales for more than a century, the most famous of which being Count Dracula transforming into a bat. But these pests in addition to giving us the willies can also be a real nuisance. Screening openings in your home, like a chimney, can help keep them from finding their way in.
  • Spiders – One of the most widely shared phobias on the planet, spiders really need no fictitious backstory to scare us. Georgia is home to a wide array of spiders which makes keeping them out of our homes that much more difficult. Homeowners should be careful when moving items that have been sitting for a long period of time. Keeping an area, like a shed, organized and clutter-free can help alleviate spider issues.
  • Rats – The image conjures up images of damp underground tunnels, or a cold and sinister laboratory. But the real-life threat of rats are even scarier than its fictional portrayals. From the spread of disease to gnawing through wires, these are some important pest to keep out of your home. Keep an eye out for mice and rats by checking for droppings or chewed wires.

It you find yourself with a haunting of pests, give us a call! Think of us as the Ghostbusters, but for bugs and critters. Happy Halloween!

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