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How to Remove a Tick

TickIt is that time of year again. Tick season is upon us, and the warmer it gets, the more of an issue it seems to become. We are receiving a growing number of calls about tick problems by the day. As most of you are aware, these pests can carry diseases that it can then pass off on to you or your pets if removed improperly. Pest USA, in Atlanta Georgia, wants you to be prepared this season with some knowledge on effective tick removal.

Tick Removal and Care, Step by Step

According to WebMD, the most efficient method of tick removal is by using a pair of fine-tipped tweezers (do not grab tick with your bare hands).

  1. First, grab the tick as close to its mouth (the part that is stuck in your skin) as you can. The body of the tick will be above your skin.
  2. Do not grab the tick around its swollen belly. You could push infected fluid from the tick into your body if you squeeze it.
  3. Gently pull the tick straight out until its mouth lets go of your skin. Do not twist the tick. This may break off the tick’s body and leave the head in your skin.
  4. Put the tick in a dry jar or ziplock bag and save it in the freezer for later identification if needed.
  5. After the tick has been removed, wash the area of the tick bite with a lot of warm water and soap. A mild dishwashing soap, such as Ivory, works well. Be sure to wash your hands well with soap and water also.

Ticks can be a difficult pest to rid your home of on your own, so If you suspect that you have a tick problem around your home, give us a call!

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Proactive Pest Prevention

Although there are many times when hiring an Atlanta pest control company like Team Pest USA is necessary, a lot of incidences can be avoided. By taking precautionary and preventative measures before a problem arises, you are making the need to call an expert less likely.

While certain species cannot be avoided altogether, most bugs will stay far away from your home if you employ the right line of defense. Fortunately, it does not take much to bug-proof your property.

Guard against Unwelcome Guests

  • Inspect the exterior of your home for any possible entry points. Be careful not to overlook things like small holes in window screens or gaps in caulking, as these alone are enough for smaller pests to get through. 
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Common Household Pests

As disgusting as it may sound, there are more than a dozen pest species that invade and cause problems for homeowners every year. Knowing a little bit about each of them, more specifically their unique habitats, can allow you to stay better protected. Fleas and ticks, for example, often get inside via pets. They will cling to your dog or cat’s fur and from there will proceed to live in your furniture, carpet and clothing.

All about Household Pests

Bed bugs are another notorious foe that make a lot of people cringe and for good reason – these animals can be extremely difficult to get rid of, which is why hiring an Atlanta pest control contractor is typically the best course of action. Here is a brief overview of some common types of critters you could come into contact with at one point or another, though adequate knowledge can help you keep them at bay.

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Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

Bed bugs have become a growing problem, especially in cities where people live close together. They travel easily and can hitch a ride on almost anything, including clothing, suitcases, furniture and pets. Our Atlanta pest control experts have seen how botched at-home bed bug treatments have created generations of bed bugs who are immune to many of the pesticides commonly available. So how can you eliminate bed bugs for good?

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Don’t Let Wildlife Crash Your Party!

The holidays are a fantastic time to enjoy the company of loved ones, but uninvited visitors are especially unwelcome when you’re trying to impress your guests.

Unfortunately, the holidays coincide perfectly with the time of year when wild animals are most likely to seek shelter in our homes, and the intrusion can lead to some unpleasant encounters.

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