Blacklegged Ticks

Blacklegged Ticks are hard ticks also known as “Deer Ticks” or “Bear Ticks” depending on their host.

Pest Description:

  • Color: Orange-brown except for the dark reddish-brown head 
  • Legs: Larvae have 6 legs, Adult have 8 legs
  • Shape: Flattened, tear drop
  • Size: Females are 1/16" - 1/8"
  • Antennae: None
  • Region: East of the Mississippi River (Deer Tick), Along the west coast and into Arizona (Bear Tick). 
  • Habits: In the spring, engorge female ticks drop from the host and lay 3,000 eggs in protected areas. Development time from egg to adult is normally two years. Adults live long enough to mate and for the female to lay eggs then die.
  • Habitat: Blacklegged ticks climb grass and shrubs waiting for a suitable host animal. They will concentrate along animal trails, transition areas between fields and grassy vegetation, and in host animal nests or dens. These ticks are rarely encounter indoors and don’t survive there.
  • Threats: Blacklegged ticks can transmit Lime disease if the tick has been infected with the Lime disease-causing organism.

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