• A Look at Bed Bugs

A Look at Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs and Pest Control 101
Chances are if you ask most homeowners how they feel about bed bugs, they will probably cringe with disgust. This is understandable because after all, what could be worse than having bugs inhabit the place you sleep at night? The name itself is somewhat misleading, though, as bed bugs do not isolate themselves to just the bedroom. These animals will take shelter in clothing and furniture, which is also how they spread from one host environment to another.

If you have ever slept in a hotel, you may have been concerned about the possibility of getting bed bugs. These fears are warranted; many beg bug infestations are the result of people sleeping on areas where these critters are. The old tune “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is also true – and a little disturbing in light of it being a children’s bedtime tune.

There are a few key characteristics that distinguish bed bugs from other pests. It is important to know them when it comes to pest control. Many people confuse scabies with bed bugs, or are simply unaware of the differences between them. Here is a quick guide for identifying bed bugs and for determining whether your home may have them:

In the unfortunate event that you do have an infestation, it would be wise to call a professional pest control business. DIY applications can work effectively to an extent, but there is no guarantee that the pests will be completely eradicated. Bed bugs lay eggs that can lie dormant for months, which is why many people often see pest resurgence after not having an issue for a lengthy period of time. Pest control companies are equipped with the tools and experience needed to eliminate beg bugs in their entirety. Many people waste time and money on store-bought foggers that only treat the immediate threat, but this is often not enough.

How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs
• Bed bugs bites are distinguished by a cluster of three marks.
• Inspect your mattress and furniture for brown spots; bed bugs defecate after they bite.
• These pests leave behind a musty odor; if your furniture has a funny smell to it, you may have an bed bug problem.
• They are nocturnal creatures. A quick way to tell if you have a bed bug problem is by turning on the lights at night. You may be able to catch a quick glance before they scurry to shelter (much like cockroaches do).
• Unlike scabies, bed bugs do not live inside their hosts, they are territorial and inhabit furniture and clothing.


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