• Have a Pool? You Need Pest Control!

    Have a Pool? You Need Pest Control!

Have a Pool? You Need Pest Control!

If you are one of the lucky souls in this world with your own private pool, you know what a blessing it can be to be able to step out your door and go for a swim. What you may not yet know is the heartbreak of having to close your pool for the summer (or even a few weeks) thanks to damage from an insect infestation. All sorts of insects find themselves attracted to our pools, but a few can do some real damage, and as a pool owner, you need to be aware of the danger.


Ants are a surprising source of pool damage, but they can absolutely wreck your pool if you let them. Ants love both the water and the electricity that are easily available around pools. They will tunnel through vinyl pool liners to gain access to water. They’ll drown in clusters out of a desire to quench their thirst. They even can destroy a pool filter by filling it with soil or destroying the wiring. Even the bodies of dead ants can clog up a filter or find their way into the pump to stop it up.


Just like our previous pests, termites are able to easily make imperceptible pinholes in pool liners, for the exact same reasons. Just like ants, termites can sense the presence of water in a pool, and when you can gnaw through wood, a little vinyl liner is no big deal at all, especially when you need water. Because termites can come and go in the soil without much notice, these holes may appear mysteriously. Have your pest control company check for termites, though, and you’ll find the source of your damage.

What to Do

The only way to make sure that harmful insects stay away from your pool is to bring out a professional exterminator. Sure, there are hundreds of DIY options, but most of these are ineffective, unable to withstand the pressures of being constantly outdoors, and even dangerous to pets and children. To keep things safe and effective, your only option is to have a professional pest control team take care of your problem. Your extermination team will come up with a plan to keep ants, termites, and any other pesky nuisances away from your pool. If you are replacing your pool’s lining, whether due to insect damage or age, be sure to have your pest experts treat the area under your pool’s lining to avoid potential future insect damage.


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