• Keeping Pests Out of a Garden

    Keeping Pests Out of a Garden

Keeping Pests Out of a Garden

It’s gardening season! Many people wait anxiously from the time the dormant season begins until we watering gardenreach the growing season again to get their hands dirty. If you have ever tended a garden, you know the hard work that goes into it. So the last thing any gardener wants is to see their labor destroyed by pests. It’s a constant battle every year�to keep rodents or insects from ruining a good growing season. There is hope though! Pest USA, knows these struggles all too well, but we have some tips for you.

Pest Control for the Garden

  • Keep it Neat –�Often times gardeners keep their gardens free of weeds and dead or dying plants to ensure it looks healthy. But more so than that, keeping a garden free of weeds also deters harmful bugs and insects.
  • Keep Plants Dry – This might seem counter intuitive to some green thumbs out there, but keeping a plant dry for as long as possible makes a garden seem less inviting. Many achieve this by watering in the morning to ensure that the sun has time to dry up the excess moisture.
  • Use Homemade Pesticide – One of the many reasons a gardener grows his/her own fruits and vegetables is to avoid harmful chemicals in their food. One of the most effective deterrents for insects like Aphids is a concoction of things found in most people’s kitchens. 1 tablespoon canola oil and a few drops of soap added to about a quart of water, shake it well and add to a spray bottle to mist your plants.
  • Cage it in – One great way to keep some of the larger pests, like mice and rabbits, out of a garden is to simply cage it in. many gardeners use chicken wire wrapped around their plants to ward off hungry onlookers.

We wish you a bountiful growing season! For more tips and pest control news, keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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