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  • Pest Preventions After Heavy Rain

    Pest Preventions After Heavy Rain

Pest Preventions After Heavy Rain

The sun is finally back out! As many of your are aware, we have seen around the clock cloudiness and heavy?rain for the pas week or so, and it made life very cold and very wet for a while. But the sun is shinning again… For now. Heavy rain, like we experienced this past week, is not only cause to pull out the rain boots and umbrellas, but is also cause to take extra precautionrain drops s in regards to pests. We aren’t the only ones who don’t enjoy?getting soaked by the rain; bugs and insects are also going to start seeking shelter and a great place for that is your home! Requests for pest control always increase during the rainy seasons so being prepared is important. Team Pest USA, located around Atlanta, GA, has these tips to keep pests out of your home during the rainy seasons.

Pest Preventions After Heavy Rain

  • Check for Leaky Spots – A leaky roof is an all to?common occurrence during long periods of heavy rain. Check your home for leaks and wet spots because this can attract the attention of termites.
  • Spray Around the Openings – Your windows and doorways are a very enticing entrance for pest to sneak into your home for an extended stay. During times of heavy rain, spray around these entrances to make them less appealing.
  • Call the Professionals! – Sometimes all the precautions in the world can be taken, but in the end the pests find their way in your home. Contact us if you have a bug or insect problem after the recent heavy rains. We’ll have you pest free in no time!

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