• Spotlight on the Most Annoying Summer Pests

    Spotlight on the Most Annoying Summer Pests

Spotlight on the Most Annoying Summer Pests


Getting bit by bugs when you are hanging outside in the summertime is common, especially this year with the unusually high number of mosquito swarms. These pests are downright annoying and also carry diseases, making them all the more dreadful. There are a few other species that are prevalent and widespread during this time of year, some of which can plague your lawn and garden and others that can pose a threat for people engaged in outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

The first step to deterring pests is understanding their habits and tendencies, which is why brushing up on one’s knowledge of Mother Nature is never a bad thing. To stay protected and to actually enjoy yourself, here is a brief list of the top summer pests and how to keep from coming into contact with them. One of the best things you can do in this regard is to hire a professional pest control firm, even if an immediate problem may not be present. Since these animals are so small, they typically go unnoticed until they clash with humans. Thus, having your property and the perimeter of your home or office sprayed by a pest control specialist is ideal from a deterrent perspective.

The Worst Summer Pests and How to Avoid Them

  • Mosquitoes; perhaps the most annoying pest of all, they can seem incredibly difficult to keep away. That pesky buzzing in your ear and futile attempts to swat at the bugs landing on your body can be enough to drive anyone crazy. What’s worse is that these animals are known to carry the life-threatening disease West Nile Virus as well, which is all the more reason to ward them off. Mosquitoes live and breed in areas with standing water. Keeping repellent on hand and wearing light-colored clothing (they are attracted to dark shades) are important.
  • Ants; when on the search for food and with a scent trail to follow, ants can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. All it takes is a successful venture by a scout to make your day a living you know what. To prevent the hassle altogether, remember to never leave food sitting out and make sure your house is sealed up well. You can also spray vinegar around possible entry points, as it works great as a natural deterrent.
  • Ticks; many of us have had the dreadful experience of removing a tick that has latched onto our scalp. If this isn’t enough to make you cringe, knowing that deer ticks are carriers of lime disease may be. Avoid brush and staying next to trees for extended periods of time. Also remember to thoroughly check and wash your clothing after coming back inside.

Summer is the time of year when most people spend their free time outside. However, understanding that humans share the environment with pests and knowing how to deter them is the best way to make the most of the experience.



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