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Continued Wildlife Control:


Removal is only the first step in wildlife control. For on-going protection against intruding wildlife, you need a thorough approach to wildlife exclusion. All too often, a homeowner or wildlife removal service will handle only the immediate problem of removing the problem animal without addressing the larger problem. A better and more cost-effective solution is to prevent animals from entering in the first place

Common Entry Points

There are several common entry points that must be taken into consideration in a comprehensive wildlife-proofing plan. By systematically addressing each point, you can keep animals and avoid the stressful ordeal of wildlife removal.

Stove & Bathroom Exhaust Vents: If unsecured, these make ideal nesting sites for birds and sometimes squirrels. This results in noticeable sounds, odors and insects.

Roof Vents: Constructed of lightweight aluminum or plastic, they are no obstacle for animals seeking entry into attics.

Roof: Soffit Intersection: If left unscreened, they can easily be manipulated by an animal from the outside in order to establish a den site inside the attic space.

Roof and Fascia Spaces: If not properly constructed, or due to deterioration, they offer an opportunity for wildlife to chew on the free edge of the wood and gain entry into the attic.

Chimneys: If not screened properly, they make suitable living quarters for raccoons and squirrels. Birds often fall into open chimneys and become stuck at the bottom. Sometimes these animals even enter the “living space” of the home.

Plumbing Vent Pipes: If left unprotected, they are an invitation to animals seeking den sites inside the house. Once inside the pipe, animals often become stuck and obstruct the normal function of the building’s plumbing system.

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There are many dangers associated with wild animals, no matter how small and harmless they may seem. Before doing any repair or prevention work yourself, be sure to consult the Atlanta wildlife control professionals at Team Pest USA. We can help you identify and patch possible entry points. Also, we guarantee our animal exclusion work, so you can be confident in your Atlanta wildlife control solution.

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