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Yellowjackets are perhaps one of the most feared of the stinging insects. They are territorial and extremely aggressive when they are threatened. 

Pest Description:

  • Color: Abdomen usually black with yellow band-like pattern
  • Legs: 6
  • Shape: Wasp-like
  • Size: 3/8 to 5/8" long
  • Antennae: Yes
  • Region: Throughout the U.S.
  • Habits: Yellowjackets are social insects that live in nests or colonies with up to 4,000 workers. They are most active in the late summer and early autumn when a colony is at its peak. Yellowjackets feed on sweets and proteins, and commonly invade outdoor events. 
  • Habitat: These wasps build paper carton nests out of chewed up cellulose, which are usually found in the ground or in cavernous areas such as eaves and attics. 
  • Threats: Yellowjackets are territorial, easily provoked, and will aggressively defend their nest. People allergic to insect stings will have a more severe reaction than those less sensitive. The sting can be extremely painful.

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