• Crazy Ants

Crazy Ants

Mankind has done a pretty good job at setting clear boundaries between civilization and wildlife, but every now and then, Mother Nature reminds us that we are not alone, that our greater intelligence and numerous technological advancements can be instantly surmounted. Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes can be extremely devastating, but surprisingly, so can six-legged insects. That's right, Georgia: there is a new predator in our midst, and it is more ruthless than any other of its kind in the animal kingdom. Many residents have already had to contact Atlanta pest control companies, but this is only the beginning.

The Tawny is Here

Think fire ants are bad? Well, they have nothing on tawny crazy ants. Fortunately, this species does not pack a stinging bite like their red-colored cousins. However, the tawny crazy ant has the distinct advantage over all other ant species of being simply out of its mind. A helpful comparison would be the warriors of Sparta. They have no fear and dominate neighboring colonies by brute force before their victims even have time to defend themselves. They are quick and are very aggressive, and for all these reasons have earned the reputation for being the baddest in the land! Atlanta pest control experts note that the species was first discovered in Texas in 2002, but has since traversed state lines and are now in Georgia.

Why They are a Threat

Aside from being the menacing creatures that they are, what makes them a particular threat to humans is their attraction to warmth. More specifically, they tend to invade electronics upon entering homes and buildings. They feed on the internal components of computers, handheld devices, outlets and anything else on which they can get their mouths. The tawny crazy ant is a very small ant, the size of a flea actually, but has been known to completely devastate electrical wiring in large buildings.

They travel in incredibly large colonies, although Atlanta wildlife control professionals prefer the term "super colony" given their vast numbers. Fortunately, understanding how the ants migrate may be the ultimate defense against them. Most colonies move via human transportation, which is why keeping a watchful eye on your property and contacting our Atlanta pest control business upon noticing the pests is essential.

At Team Pest USA, our technicians have experience with tawny crazy ant cases. As experts in Atlanta wildlife control, we can help safely eliminate the problem.



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