• Protect your Pets and Kids from Pests

    Protect your Pets and Kids from Pests

Protect your Pets and Kids from Pests

Providing a pest-free environment for your children and pets requires vigilance and persistence. Never let your guard down and always make sure the products you use are toxic only to the pests, and not to your children or pets.

Keeping your pets and kids safe from pests can sometimes feel like a losing battle. This is mostly because your pets and kids are usually unmindful or blissfully unaware of the danger pests pose to their health.

Some mosquitoes carry the West Nile virus which has proven to be quite deadly in a number of cases. Mice are especially dangerous because most diseases they carry are easily transferred to humans, either through contact with their feces and urine or a bite from the ticks that feed on them.

Whatever anti-pest control method you use, make sure it is not exposing your child or pet to toxic substances at the same time that it is ridding your environment of pests. Some anti-insect room sprays contain chemicals that can be harmful not only to the pests, but to your kids and pets as well. When in doubt, consult a professional pest control expert to ensure the pesticide products you use in your home will not end up harming your pets and kids.

It is next to impossible to teach curious toddlers not to put things in their mouths and the same goes for most pets. If you are using a pest-control device that is designed to trap or poison pests, make sure to place them in places your kids and pets cannot easily reach. Just as an added layer of precaution, have the current number of an emergency poison control center displayed in a central location of your house. You can call 911 if you suspect your child or pet has ingested poison, but your call may need to be transferred to another department. A poison control center can give you immediate advice.

As with overall health, vigilance is the key in protecting your kids and pets from annoying and potentially harmful pests.


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