• Don’t Scare Your Customers Away, Make Sure Your Office is Pest-free

Don’t Scare Your Customers Away, Make Sure Your Office is Pest-free

No matter where you work, there is no bigger turn-off for a customer than seeing a pest skitter across your office floor. Customers view a pest’s presence as a strong indicator of other problems with your business, and they will happily take their money elsewhere if you give them a reason to. To keep your customers (not to mention employees) around, you need to make sure your office is pest-free.

Schedule Regular Pest Control

The quickest and most effective way to deal with your pest problems is to schedule for one of our Team Pest USA exterminators to perform regular Atlanta commercial pest control treatments at your office. We will treat both the interior and exterior of your office space with the most effective pesticides available.

Make the Environment Less Friendly

In addition to regular Atlanta pest control treatments, you and your employees can take steps to make your office environment less friendly to pest life. The biggest way you can do this is to limit available food sources. Encourage employees to keep their desk areas clean of all foods and beverages when they are not actively being consumed. Store any foods or beverages in sealed containers or within the fridge. Take out the trash on a daily basis, and clean up any spills immediately.

Wildlife are Pests Too

Pesticides will take care of any bugs that might try to come into your building, but they do not take care of wildlife pests. You can help your office to stay wildlife-free by paying attention to your building and its upkeep. Wildlife will typically seek out weak spots and areas that are accumulating debris and make their homes in these areas. Keep an eye out for places where pests could enter your building or nest near your building and repair or remove these spots. Should you discover a wild animal in your building, our Atlanta wildlife removal team can help you to quickly and safely remove it without alarming any of your customers.


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