• Don’t Overlook Your Plants; Check for Pest Damage

    Don’t Overlook Your Plants; Check for Pest Damage

Don’t Overlook Your Plants; Check for Pest Damage

When we’re inspecting our homes for pests, it’s easy to overlook one of the main hiding spots: our plants. Whether they’re inside or outside, plants are a primary source of food for lots of insect and wildlife species. Once they’ve attracted pests, they will only encourage more, increasing your need for our Atlanta pest control services.

How to Inspect for Damage

Some signs of pest damage are very obvious. Wildlife pests like raccoons and squirrels can dig up and devour whole plants in your garden. Mice and rats will eat large portions of stalks, leaves, and fruits, leaving mostly destroyed plants behind. Larger insects will eat holes through leaves.

However, small insects like aphids and whiteflies can cause damage that is less visible, but just as harmful to your plants. These insects suck the fluids and sap from plant tissues, leaving plants with wilted leaves, unusual spotting, and distortions of new growth. Our Alpharetta pest control experts note that you can often find clusters of these insects somewhere on the affected plant.

What to Do

What you should do to curb pest damage depends on the pest you are dealing with, as well as where the plants are located. If you are dealing with wildlife issues, start by increasing the protection around your plants. Metal fencing with small holes will keep out most wildlife. To install the fence, dig down several feet to ensure that nothing can dig under it. If you have particularly persistent critters, you may need help from our Atlanta wildlife control team.

For insect life in an outdoor garden, a commercially available pesticide may be your best bet. You can find it at your local home improvement store. However, if the plant is extremely damaged or in an isolated environment like your home, you should remove and discard it to discourage further infestations.


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