• Don’t Let Wildlife Crash Your Party!

    Don’t Let Wildlife Crash Your Party!

Don’t Let Wildlife Crash Your Party!

The holidays are a fantastic time to enjoy the company of loved ones, but uninvited visitors are especially unwelcome when you’re trying to impress your guests.

Unfortunately, the holidays coincide perfectly with the time of year when wild animals are most likely to seek shelter in our homes, and the intrusion can lead to some unpleasant encounters.

Extensive Damage

Although it may be a horrifying prospect for your loved ones to realize that you have pests in your home, our Atlanta pest control team believes that the real fright should come from the extensive damage that your home could sustain from these uninvited visitors.

Once they find a way in, wild animals will inevitably use your home in the exact same ways they would use an outdoor area. They will create nests out of your insulation, urinate (and worse) as they please and chew on your wooden structural beams and wires.

Fire Hazard

Wild animals’ love of chewing on your wires does more than create visual damage: it creates a major fire hazard that necessitates Atlanta wildlife removal.

Countless residential and commercial fires are caused each year by squirrels, rats, mice and other wildlife entering buildings and chewing on exposed wiring. Even if furry pests don’t crash your holiday party, you need to remove them before they can destroy your home.

Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife removal is just the first step in ensuring that you don’t play host to unwelcome wildlife guests. Your second step is a comprehensive wildlife exclusion plan that addresses all of your home’s potential access points.

Even if you haven’t noticed the sounds of wildlife nesting and scampering around in your walls or attic, our Alpharetta pest control specialists recommend that you have your home inspected for appealing entryways and easy wildlife access. We will come up with a customized wildlife exclusion plan for your entire home to discourage future critters from making their way inside.


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