• Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

    Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

Bed bugs have become a growing problem, especially in cities where people live close together. They travel easily and can hitch a ride on almost anything, including clothing, suitcases, furniture and pets. Our Atlanta pest control experts have seen how botched at-home bed bug treatments have created generations of bed bugs who are immune to many of the pesticides commonly available. So how can you eliminate bed bugs for good?

Hire a Professional Extermination Team

There’s no way around it: if you have bed bugs, you need to hire a professional extermination team. Our Alpharetta pest control team has been trained to detect and find bedbugs where they are hiding. We combine that knowledge with the latest in bed bug extermination techniques and pesticides to wipe out your existing bed bug population and its eggs.

DIY Won’t Do

Even if you choose not to have our Roswell pest control company perform your bed bug extermination, we strongly encourage you to hire professionals to take care of your problem. The EPA itself states that it is better to get a professional pest control team to take care of your bed bug problem, largely because it is so difficult for homeowners to have access to the proper treatments and chemicals to adequately deal with an infestation.

Unfortunately, homeowners trying to DIY their bed bug removal has led to mutations that have rendered many traditional pesticides useless.

Prevent Future Infestations

Once you have had a professional pest control team treat your home for bed bugs, you will need to be vigilant and make an effort to prevent future infestations. We recommend that you not take in secondhand furniture, beds or couches, but if you must, you should check them thoroughly for any signs of infestation.

Use a high quality protective cover to encase your mattress and box spring to eliminate favorite bed bug hiding spots and to make them easier to see. When you or your family stay elsewhere, use caution in storing your luggage. Do not store it on the floor or on the bed. Be sure to carefully inspect your luggage and clothing when you return home to catch any bugs that might have caught a ride.

If you are careful, you can prevent future infestations once you’ve eliminated your original bed bug problem.


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