• Common Household Pests

    Common Household Pests

Common Household Pests

As disgusting as it may sound, there are more than a dozen pest species that invade and cause problems for homeowners every year. Knowing a little bit about each of them, more specifically their unique habitats, can allow you to stay better protected. Fleas and ticks, for example, often get inside via pets. They will cling to your dog or cat’s fur and from there will proceed to live in your furniture, carpet and clothing.

All about Household Pests

Bed bugs are another notorious foe that make a lot of people cringe and for good reason – these animals can be extremely difficult to get rid of, which is why hiring an Atlanta pest control contractor is typically the best course of action. Here is a brief overview of some common types of critters you could come into contact with at one point or another, though adequate knowledge can help you keep them at bay.

  • Ants – With more than 15 sub-species and colonies that can near 500,000 in number, these small bugs are no small problem. They commonly enter homes through floor cracks and crevices, particularly in kitchens and other rooms where there is exposed food. The thing to remember about ants is the importance of the scout; this is the one chosen to find food and create the invisible scent trail for the rest to follow. Keeping food sealed and destroying the scent trail by spraying pesticide at entry points is advised.
  • Bed bugs – The phrase “don’t let the bugs bite” is an accurate assessment of what these creatures do. They feed on blood and can live in many environments, not just your bed. Other areas to watch out for are furniture, baseboards and curtains. Given their resilience, the only way to effectively get rid of beg bugs and their eggs is to hire pest control company.
  • Cockroaches – The general rule of thumb when dealing with cockroaches is to never underestimate their quantity. If you are lucky to enough to spot one, you can assume there are plenty more hiding in the dark. These nocturnal pests cause a ton of damage to properties every year and they can get inside almost anywhere; even your drain pipes are open access points. They reproduce quickly and their eggs are immune to many store-bought pesticides, so do not hesitate to contact professional exterminator at the first sign of an invasion.

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