• How to Choose the Right Insect Repellent for Bug Season

    How to Choose the Right Insect Repellent for Bug Season

How to Choose the Right Insect Repellent for Bug Season


While the summertime is great for lounging poolside, camping and barbequing, such activities are made far less enjoyable when you add bugs into the equation. Although early dawn and dusk are when mosquitoes are most active and thus more likely to be a problem, they will search for food anytime of the day. To avoid being the victim of that annoying little bite (and to keep nasty ticks off your skin as well), you should invest in a quality bug repellent.

There are multiple types of repellents

Sprays have always been a popular choice, but these days you can also buy foggers and timed release repellents that attach to your belt. They are marketed to people who don’t want to spray chemicals on their skin and face, and are actually quite effective at deterring bugs within the immediate area of the user.

To be clear, the only guaranteed way to keep pests away is to utilize a comprehensive form of defense. As professionals in the pest control industry, at Team Pest USA we can help defend your property against these ticks, mosquitoes and many other insects, and not just for a few hours. One of the main tools of our repellent arsenal includes complete perimeter spraying, with greater emphasis being placed on the target areas where bugs prefer to migrate and nest. When it comes to protecting your home front, we have you covered. If you plan to go on a camping trip or go hiking in the woods, here is what you should know about choosing a reliable, portable repellent.

Don’t Get Bit: Tips for selecting a good repellent product

  • DEET is safe: This is the active ingredient in almost all commercial repellents and it has at times been the point of concern for people worried about using harmful chemicals. Despite these fears, the EPA has confirmed that DEET is safe to use. Furthermore, studies have shown that it is by far the most effective at keeping pests away from people for a greater period of time, especially when compared to other known repellents such as eucalyptus, Picardin and IR3535.
  • Buy a repellent that targets the bugs in your area: There are pests everywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are high concentrations of all pests where you live. If you are located in a region where mosquitoes are a greater threat, such as down here in the south, then purchasing a repellent designed to deter these bugs would be a wise choice.
  • 30 percent ingredient concentration is sufficient for most: The thing to know about insect repellents is that the concentration of the active substance affects how long it will be effective. Most pest control experts say 30 percent is the ideal number for most, unless you plan on working or being outdoors all day long.

Insect repellents certainly are an excellent form of protection, but they should not be considered the only method. Wear darker clothing and cover up all areas of exposed skin whenever possible, especially at night.


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