• Pets and Pests

Pets and Pests

Though we love our pets and would not give them up for the world, they do make our homes much more inviting to pests. It’s important for both your sanity and your pet’s health to discourage pests from seeing your pets as reasons to enter your home. Here are a few ways to keep your pets while avoiding an unpleasant pest problem.

Pet Food

Those of us who allow our pets to freely feed, either inside or outside, are inviting pests into our homes. Left out pet food is attractive to everything from the smallest ant to dangerous coyotes. To avoid attracting pests with pet food, it’s important to feed your pets inside (coyotes can smell food hours after it’s been there and will return to look for it) and to schedule your feedings. Keep pet food tightly secured in plastic or metal containers when storing it.

Pet Waste

Disgusting though it may be, even your pet’s bodily waste may attract both wildlife and insects. Pet waste still contains valuable nutrients, so it may attract bugs and rodents looking for nutrition. If you have a dog or outdoor cat, it is important to clean up after them when they use the restroom. Properly dispose of your animal’s waste instead of leaving it out to attract unwanted vermin.

Indoor cats and other small mammals like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and hamsters all use litter for their bathroom needs. It is vital to clean pet litter at least once daily to discourage pests. If you notice vermin in your home, you should clean your pet’s litter even more frequently to avoid having it further attract the vermin. Certain cat litters are also made from corn and wheat by-products that may attract unwanted guests, so you may want to consider switching litters if your litter has become an obvious attractant.

Parasite Party

Another obvious way in which pets attract pests is their undeniable attractiveness to parasites like fleas, ticks and even bedbugs. It’s important to practice monthly prevention to avoid inviting these bloodsuckers into your home. Talk with your vet about a monthly flea, tick, and heartworm medication that will keep your furry friend from bringing stowaways into your house. If bedbugs are a particular concern, also speak with your vet about what you can do to avoid having Sparky bring them home.

Pest Control

If the pests still come into your home, it is important to let a professional exterminator take care of the problem. Many commercial bug sprays and pest products can be genuinely hazardous to Fluffy and Max. Pet emergency clinics make their bread and butter from unwitting owners that put out poison for pests without realizing that a poisoned bug or rodent is a delicious snack for Rex or Bella. Instead of doing your pest control yourself and putting your pet in danger, hire a professional extermination team. They will be sure to use methods to remove your pest problem that won’t harm you or your furry family members. In addition, they can inspect your home to find out why pests are interested in coming in and give you ways to block the pests from your home.

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