• Silverfish: In Your House, Eating Your Things

    Silverfish: In Your House, Eating Your Things

Silverfish: In Your House, Eating Your Things

Though many people think that silverfish are mostly harmless annoyances, they can actually do quite a bit of subtle damage that comes to light when you go to pick up your favorite book or want to wear your favorite silk scarf and find it’s been picked apart by these silvery pests. Able to create large colonies without detection until the colony has been established, these annoying and pervasive pests can be difficult to eradicate from your home completely without professional help.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, silver colored bugs that have very smooth, shiny exteriors that make them look a bit like fish. Like many of the insect pests that live in our homes, they are nocturnal and can move very quickly, making it hard to notice how bad an infestation can be until it’s truly gotten bad. They are destructive eaters that love sugars, carbohydrates, paper, clothing, and even the glue behind wallpaper and that binds books.

Where Am I Most Likely to Find Them?

Silverfish are like most insects in that they live near their food sources. They show a strong preference for dark and damp areas, especially those that are nearby their favorite foods. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, attics, basements, offices and libraries are popular targets for their habitats. However, if your infestation is bad, you may find them in other rooms of your house as well.

What Can I Do to Discourage Infestation?

It can be difficult to know if your home is infested in the first place unless you have seen proof that you do have silverfish hanging around. The best way to discourage infestation is to remove and properly store popular silverfish food sources. Old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard boxes should be removed and recycled. Food spills should be cleaned up quickly, and food should be stored in metal, glass, or plastic containers instead of in cardboard. Reducing humidity can help to keep these insects from becoming comfortable in your home, as can lighting dark, sheltered areas like beneath refrigerators and stoves.

How Can I Get Rid of an Infestation?

While there are do-it-yourself solutions available for silverfish control, most of them are ineffective in the long run because they do not take silverfish eggs into account. If you are unable to remove the eggs, once they hatch, your infestation starts up again, as does an endless cycle of applying DIY pesticide with no results. Instead of pulling your hair out over a recurring infestation that you can never seem to eradicate, call a professional pest extermination team. Because they are the experts at handling all sorts of pests, including your silverfish foes, they can assess your situation and provide you with an effective pest control method to remove both the adult silverfish and their eggs permanently.


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