• Pest Prevention for the Fall Weather

    Pest Prevention for the Fall Weather

Pest Prevention for the Fall Weather

fall leaves It’s fall, y’all! For many Georgians, this change of season signals a relief from the HOT summer months. While summer is fun, fall is always welcomed with open arms. This transition into the cooler months doesn’t mean that it comes without its downsides. It’s time for bugs to begin seeking shelter! Unlike you,�the pests around your home don’t have a light jacket to throw on. Instead, they’re going to be attracted to one of the warmest spots around…your home! This fact doesn’t mean you are powerless to these new tenants though. Team Pest USA,�located around Atlanta, GA, has these tips to make your home a little less appealing to pests this year.

  • Don’t leave food out – Many people take to baking warm tasty treats during fall, but those delectable goods are appealing to more than just you. Be sure to keep your food covered and stored properly and your garbage changed regularly so as not to attract unwanted pests.
  • Seal up your home – Any little crack on the outside of your home is an open door invitation to bugs and insects. Be sure to seal any that you can find as an added deterrent.
  • Examine your windows – Check for seals that aren’t tight and for any rips or tears in the screen. Fix or replace any screens that you find with a hole in it.
  • Chimney cap – This one is for the bigger pests out there. Installing a chimney cap can help keep out birds and other wildlife seeking shelter in your home.
  • Call the experts! – If you’ve done all of the preventatives listed above and you are still experiencing pest problems, give us a call! We’ll come out, asses the situation and move forward with the necessary steps to make your home pest free!

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