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Wildlife Control

Nuisance wildlife can be a big problem. With so many animals scampering through our parks and yards, it is not surprising that some find their way inside houses from time to time. Animals can be extremely destructive inside human homes, creating foul odors and stains, spreading disease, and chewing on wires and insulation.

You should never try to remove an animal from your home yourself. Even small animals will bite, and their bites can easily come infected. Instead, contact Team Pest USA. Our wildlife control experts will safely and humanely trap and relocate the nuisance wildlife far from your home.

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Wildlife Control & Exclusion

To prevent animals from returning to your home or business, all building areas are secured where active and potential entry holes exist. We use either Galvanized (rust resistant) 16 gauge animal proof steel screening, or sheet metal which is securely fastened with screws to ensure the prevention of re-entry of any nuisance wildlife. We also seal up other areas with latex and steel wool, which the animals cannot penetrate through to re-enter the structure.

We offer a written guarantee, providing free of charge of all above services should that specific species regain entry. This guarantee covers the entire serviced area, not just the specific entry hole (unless specified), as frequently practiced in the industry.

It is rare for these animals to reenter a structure, yet it sometimes happens. That is why it is very important to go with a quality company that has been in the wildlife control business for a long time and provides a good warranty to back up its work.

Types of Guarantees:

Written Guarantee on All Removal and Prevention Services

Written Guarantee on Chimney Screens

Written Guarantee on Stove/Bathroom/Dryer Vent Covers

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Deodorizing or Dead Animal


If an animal has died inside your home, we can come out to locate and remove the animal. We then apply an atomized application of industrial-strength, biodegradable deodorizer to former wildlife living spaces, travel patterns and entry holes. The deodorizer removes the animal’s scent and discourages the attraction of other wildlife.

Why Choose Team Pest USA?

  • Many companies come and go very quickly with inexperienced employees. Team Pest USA has been in the industry for 40 years, and we provide our employees with on-going training and education.
  • We offer repair work and preventative measures as part of our wildlife control service to prevent future conflicts and costs associated with removal.
  • We provide 24 Hour Emergency Service.
  • We guarantee our wildlife removal service. Some species have a tendency to reenter a structure. If reentry occurs, so we will be return to provide the necessary services to solve the problem.
  • We have a wildlife biologist on staff to ensure the best practices in wildlife removal and control.
  • We offer a free general inspection.

If animals have found their way into your home, do not delay. Call Team Pest USA today for swift and safe wildlife removal. If you suspect that an animal is present but are not sure, let us know, and we will be happy to come out and conduct an inspection.

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